The Emergence One Method

We wrote the influential book and definitive project methodology that provides a single, unified solution for people, projects, and change.

The Emergence One Method represents the next evolution of the project management and organizational change/stakeholder management disciplines… the emergence of one comprehensive methodology for total project success.

Our unique and influential approach of seamlessly integrating stakeholder management and organizational change adoption into your existing project plans ensures that nothing is standing in the way of a successful implementation.

From Silicon Valley to New York; Alaska to the Netherlands; and from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to China and beyond, Thomas Luke Jarocki's innovative approach to managing people, projects and change is being recognized and embraced by executives, project professionals, government leaders, and academia.

Upcoming Events Featuring T. Jarocki

A partial listing of events that Thomas Luke Jarocki, Managing Director of Consulting and Training (and architect of the Emergence One Method), will be headlining:
  • December 1 - 3: Three Day Workshop in The Emergence One Method, San Diego (sold out!)
  • December 17 -19: Three Day Workshop in The Emergence One Method, Mexico (in-house corporate training)
  • March 2015: One Day Workshop "Enhancing Project Management with Change Management Tools and Techniques" San Francisco
  • April 17 2015: "The New Rules for Managing Stakeholders and Organizational Change" Saskatoon, Canada
  • April 29 - May 1 2015: In-house corporate event, San Antonio, TX
  • May 18 -20 2015: Three Day Workshop in The Emergence One Method, Philadelphia, PA
  • May 21 2015: "Utilizing Change Management Principles to Enhance Project Success", Philadelphia, PA
  • Summer 2015: Stayed tuned for European and Middle Eastern training and speaking events
  • August 24 -26 2015: Three Day Workshop in The Emergence One Method, Annapolis, Maryland
  • August 27 2015: "Utilizing Change Management Principles to Enhance Project Success", Annapolis, Maryland
  • October 2015: Three Day Workshop in The Emergence One Method, Orlando
  • October 2015: One Day Professonal Development Workshop, Orlando


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Recent Highlights:

  • Dec. 2014: A Major New White Paper published by PMI and written by Thomas Luke Jarocki! "One Solution for Project Success" download at
  • Nov. 2014: "Creating True Project Value - Integrating Organizational Change Management into Project Execution" San Francisco
  • Oct. 2014: Silicon Valley Project Management Symposium: "Big Projects/Big Change - Change Management Essentials fo Mega-Sized Projects" Santa Clara Convention Center
  • Oct.2014: PMI Worldwide Webinar: "Developing a Unified Approach for Managing People, Projects, and Change" (over 3500 registrants!)
  • Sept. 2014: Fortune 100 executive consulting/training in Project and Change Management, New York
  • Sept. 2014: Workshop "A Methodical Approach to Stakeholder Management," Anchorage, Alaska
  • Sept. 2014: 3 Day Workshop in the Emergence One Method, Las Vegas (sold out!)
  • July 2014: "Project Execution and Organizational Change" Amstelveen, Netherlands
  • March 2014: "New Rules for Managing Stakeholders and Organizational Change," San Francisco
  • December 2013: "Towards Total Project Success," UAE Project Management Forum, Abu Dhabi
  • December 2013: "An Introduction to the Emergence One Method," Dubai
  • December 2013: Opening Keynote Address for National Instruments Partner Conference San Jose, CA
  • October 2013: Opening Keynote Address, Silicon Valley Project Management Symposium, Santa Clara, CA
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